WooCommerce: Create the sales platform you need

When it comes to eCommerce, every website’s requirements are different. Online stores can grow from a handful of products, into a feature-rich sales channel supporting coupons, donations, memberships, bookings, digital downloads, multilingual facilities and more.

Want to support card payments, PayPal, Stripe or Apple Pay? Need to drive repeat sales through powerful marketing automation and subscriptions? Let Pooka & Co do the heavy lifting.

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Why WooCommerce?

At Pooka & Co, we believe that an eCommerce platform should provide a rock solid foundation for your online sales, but shouldn’t limit your options or creativity as you grow.

WooCommerce is the world’s leading ecommerce solution for WordPress. Its ease-of-use and flexibility means that it is now used by nearly 4 million websites worldwide. It provides all the tools you need to promote your products, manage your inventory, offer discount coupons, process online payments, fulfil orders, report on sales, and more.

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As well as providing online sales for both physical and digital products, Pooka & Co can extend WooCommerce to drive sales for subscriptions, memberships, event bookings, online courses – and anything else you might plan to sell online.

We can also integrate WooCommerce with a range of third-party payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe and Apple Pay, to allow you to process online payments simply and securely.

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Unlike other eCommerce tools such as Shopify, WooCommerce is Open Source software. This means that it belongs entirely to its community of users. There are no licensing fees for the core software, and it provides a free and solid foundation upon which to build.

And, because it is made for WordPress, WooCommerce integrates deeply with your website, allowing you to promote your products and services throughout your other website content.

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Cartoon of the Pooka holding a puck with a P on it
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The Pooka typing

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