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Ongoing Support Options

Pooka & Co will ensure your website remains fresh and your organisation’s changing goals are supported year-round, through a variety of cost-effective Ongoing Support options.

The best websites are constantly evolving, so as your organisation develops, it’s natural to revisit your website’s structure, its layout, or even to add new functionality.

Fresh, Functional and Fabulous

Through Ongoing Support, Maintenance and our Annual Reviews, Pooka & Co will do everything possible to ensure that your site remains fresh, functional and fabulous long after launch day.

Whether it’s additional training to help you to use new features in WordPress, new designs for your website to keep things fresh, or further developments to add features like ecommerce or membership integration, Pooka & Co are here to help.

At Pooka & Co, we pride ourselves in building strong ongoing relationships with our clients based on trust, and by meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations time after time.

Ongoing Support

Pooka & Co’s standard hourly rate for Ongoing Support is £75 + VAT, whether it’s design, development, training or consultancy. We never charge for those simple five minute queries that come up, and we always offer a commitment free estimate of hours for any task that you’re considering.

For clients who want to simplify budgeting over the course of the year, we offer the option to buy a block of 24 hours of support in advance at a 20% discount on our standard hourly rates. These hours can be used whenever and however you like, but need to be used within one year of purchase.

Finally, for larger projects we generally discuss your goals, create a specification on email, and provide a quote for the overall project.

Sarah Barrie

“I’m so happy with how things have gone and how good the process of working with Pooka & Co has been. I really appreciate everything they’ve done and how easy the process has been despite such a tight timeline.”

Sarah Barrie

Scottish Book Trust

Critical Support

As all of our clients host their websites with us, Pooka & Co offer critical recovery and maintenance of our websites as part of our ongoing hosting packages. This means that you’ll never have to worry about being charged further in the extremely unlikely event of your site failing or being hacked.

Annual Reviews

Each year as we approach the renewal date of your website hosting, Marcus & Paul, Pooka & Co’s Directors will conduct a thorough manual review of your site. We’ll then invite you to an Annual Review where we can explore our findings, understand any areas that you might be thinking about designing, developing or changing, and perhaps offer a few suggestions of our own. This tends to be a great time to have a general catch-up and often leads to development ideas being generated later in the year.