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Brand & Offline Design

A new website often goes hand-in-hand with a brand refresh. Let Pooka & Co take care of both, to streamline the design process.

Whether it’s logos, taglines, tone of voice, fonts, colours, templates, printed documentation, email templates or brand guidelines, Pooka & Co have the experience to meet your needs.

And if you’ve already found a team of designers, or prefer us to take inspiration from elsewhere for your website build, don’t worry – we’re happy to work as best suits you!

Understanding Your Business

Seeing your business the way an outsider sees it can be a daunting challenge. At Pooka & Co we love exploring the motivations of different organisations, to build websites that truly connect with supporters, customers and stakeholders.

Where requested, Pooka & Co will be happy to recommend and invite one of our trusted Associates, to help develop your brand’s identity alongside your website’s design. From logo design, taglines and tone of voice, to fonts, colours and beyond, our team can define the entirety of your brand.

Developing for screen and print in tandem makes enormous sense. We frequently see ‘aha!’ moments as our clients gain clarity about their customers’ perceptions, so working on your brand while you’re in a customer-focussed mind-space can generate great results.

Brand Guidelines

A Brand Guidelines document is a concise set of rules that your team can follow to help present your brand to the world. From explaining the correct logos, fonts and colours to use, to offering direction on tone of voice and beyond, your Brand Guidelines will help ensure that your organisation is presented consistently and positively.

Depending on the depth of work involved, adding a set of Brand Guidelines and some level of logo development will typically add around £5,000 to the costs of a website design and build. When approaching us about your project, please discuss any brand development work that you’re considering and we’ll be happy to advise of options.

Please note that websites and budgets come in all shapes and sizes, so Pooka & Co are very happy to listen to your needs, and will always recommend the most appropriate approach. When building a website, we can take visual cues from existing websites, print materials or existing Brand Guidelines, and will put no pressure on you to further develop your brand if it seems unrealistic within your budget.

Hannah Rudman

“Pooka & Co re-developed our website with fabulous results! As well as great design and creative problem-solving, they consistently brought really pragmatic thinking to the project.”

Dr Hannah Rudman

Digital Transformation & IT Professional

Print Design & Beyond

If you wish to go deeper than Brand Guidelines, our Associate team will be happy to build template documents for you. PowerPoint Templates, Word Templates and print focussed materials such as business cards, headed paper and livery can all be quoted for on an individual basis, or as part of an overall project proposal.

We can also provide branded templates for social media content, video overlays for insertion into multimedia, and InDesign and other filetypes for the creation of PDFs etc.

Developing a suite of business materials helps ensure that an organisation’s brand consistency doesn’t start and stop with its website. Please contact us to discuss how Pooka & Co can help develop your brand, alongside your website.