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Bespoke Website Training

At Pooka & Co we pride ourselves on providing fantastic bespoke in-person and video training. Let us enable your team to work confidently with your website.

Between our team members, we have more than 25 years experience working with Open Source software, and understand the support that our clients need to get the most out of their website platforms.

As well as delivering regular client training sessions on WordPress, WooCommerce and CiviCRM, our team members speak regularly at conferences and meetups on the subject of Open Source software.

One-To-One Site Launch Training

During the build of your website, Pooka & Co will provide personalised one-on-one training sessions to key members of your team, to make sure they understand every aspect of your new site. This ensures that you’re able to populate your website beautifully with content for launch, and capably equipped to manage it on a day-to-day basis.

Bespoke Online Video Training

With each new site we build, our Directors produce a unique series of bespoke training videos, to live within that site’s WordPress dashboard for future reference. These videos are friendly screencasts of us editing your site, and describing exactly how the various pieces of custom functionality on your website work.

We find that these videos are a great reference for an organisation’s wider team, for onboarding new staff members, and for people who simply haven’t used a piece of functionality in a while.

Simon Bateson

“We’re delighted with the website that Pooka have built. The team have been creative, professional, adaptable and generous towards this complex project, fulfilling and exceeding our expectations.”

Simon Bateson

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Pooka ‘Core’ Video Training

For every client hosting a website with Pooka & Co, we provide access to a large and ever expanding suite of ‘core’ online training videos, filmed by our Directors. These videos cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to most WordPress sites such as creating a new page, adding an image, or basic use of the WordPress Block Editor.

This suite of videos lives in your WordPress dashboard, next to any bespoke videos that we’ve also produced for your site. If your site uses CiviCRM or WooCommerce, we also include videos about those platforms too.

We feel that this easy-to-access training content adds huge value to hosting with Pooka, and provides a great resource to remind you how to perform specific tasks on your website, or get new team members up to speed.

Bespoke One-To-One Training

Beyond the variety of training above, we enjoy providing bespoke training on all aspects of WordPress, WooCommerce or CiviCRM, and often create sessions tailored to the requirements of our clients.

Occasionally we begin working with a client by migrating their existing website into Pooka & Co’s hosting platform. In these cases, a client often asks us to explore how something currently works, and then provide them training based on what we’ve learned.

Bespoke training can either take place at our standard hourly rate, or within an ongoing support package, so please get in touch and tell us about your needs.