About Pooka & Co

Pooka & Co Ltd is a web agency based in Leith, Edinburgh. We offer web design and development services, focussing on cost-effective Open Source platforms including WordPress, WooCommerce and CiviCRM.

We specialise in online accessibility and usability, and provide fully managed hosting, bespoke training and ongoing support.

Established in 2010 with strong ethical principles, our objective is to drive your online profile through compelling content, technical expertise & creative flair.

The Pooka taking photos with a camera on a tripod

Our Core Team

Pooka & Co Directors Marcus Wilson and Paul Galinsky are the project leads and core developers on the majority of Pooka & Co projects. Our wider team of senior developers (and our accountant!) are always available to keep us in line.

Headshot of Marcus Wilson


Marcus Wilson

Marcus is the founder of Pooka & Co, and a web developer, trainer, marketer and project manager. He is a leading WordPress specialist, having worked with the software since 2008.

Headshot of Paul Galinsky


Paul Galinsky

Paul is Pooka’s Co-Director, and has worked at the crosspoint of charity, web and graphic design since 2004. He joined Pooka & Co in 2019 and places a laser focus on positive user experience.

Headshot of Andrei Brindau

Senior Developer

Andrei Brindau

Andrei is an experienced full stack developer with extensive skills in PHP, Javascript, CSS, security, database management and core WordPress development.

Headshot of Ivan Shindin

Senior Developer

Ivan Shindin

Ivan is a talented web developer with full stack skills including PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. His communicative approach to problem solving is invaluable to our clients.

Headshot of Gaynor Vaughan


Gaynor Vaughan

Gaynor is Pooka’s accountant, and keeps us right on all financial matters.

Our Associates

Beyond our core team, Pooka & Co works with an established network of designers, developers and hosting professionals to assemble the perfect team for each project. We’re always happy to meet new collaborators.

Headshot of Sheree Walker

Design, Illustration, Animation

Sheree Walker

Sheree’s vibrant web design, illustration and animated video skills bring personality and a unique tone to any website project.

Cartoon of the Pooka holding a puck with a P on it

Web Design & Visual Brand

Ali Montgomery

Ali Montgomery’s crisp visual approach and intuitive sense of brand lends itself to large scale website design and branding projects.

Cartoon of the Pooka holding a puck with a P on it

Web Design & Brand Development

Ben Usher Smith

Ben’s work focuses deeply on the messaging and underlying character of organisations, to develop brands in both web and print.

Cartoon of the Pooka holding a puck with a P on it


Robin Turton

Robin’s fabulous illustrations will add a unique visual style to your web project. In fact, he’s responsible for our Pooka character!

The Pooka typing
The Pooka typing

Get In Touch

We’d love to hear what you’re up to. Please get in touch using hello@pooka.co or through the form linked below. Don’t be shy!


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