Guten Tag! Are you ready for the new WordPress editor?

Pooka & Co will soon be upgrading our clients’ websites to the new version of WordPress. This new version allows you to try out the new ‘Gutenberg’ Editor. 

But what is the Gutenberg Editor, and should you be using it?

WordPress Gutenberg editor

The Gutenberg Editor

Once your website is updated to WordPress 4.9.8, you should see this notice in your WordPress dashboard. It provides you with an option to try the upcoming new editor called ‘Gutenberg’.

This new Gutenberg Editor is expected to replace the current Classic WordPress Editor officially at some point later this year, although users will be able choose to stick with the Classic Editor if they prefer.

Watch our Gutenberg video, and find out more:

Need more help?

If you have watched the video above and still have questions or concerns about the new Gutenberg Editor and how it might work with your website, please contact us at and we can provide further advice.

In the meantime, have a guten Tag!